For an individual who embodies elegance and ingenious flair, it’s not a surprise that this woman is drawn to the exquisite things in life.

A funny thing happened. Before the interview, I tried calling Icky at the station since it was a Sunday, and I wanted to make things convenient for me and him, but he never answered. I viewed the stream and he didn’t seem to pay attention to the phone. That’s why I went to the station only to find out that Icky didn’t pick the phone up because someone was pranking him earlier.

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We think we now know what’s up with these crazy cat ladies.

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The voice of the middays share her thoughts about animals.

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We had a web meeting when Veronica screamed so loud and ran away from the office. We were confused why, but when we saw the reason, we understood—Carlow came in bringing a telescope.

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You should know by now that we, Y101FM, have been trying to give you everything we can.

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Coffee is a good nap partner.

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Summer is here again, and everyone seems to be enjoying the high temperature and the many activities that summer has to offer.

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Y101FM’s #showmeyoursummer has begun choosing the daily winners last April 7 and you might just be chosen!

Y101FM is happy to announce last week’s daily winners for the #ShowMeYourSummer contest.

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Remember the talks about Y101FM’s other coffee man, the web admin?

Finally! I was able to talk to Chad The Stud and ask him about Y101FM.

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Finally, the long break I was waiting for came last week.