Ever wondered how your favorite morning guy is off air? You’ll be very surprised.

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Danilo Cojo was driving his 10 wheeler truck from Naga City towards Cebu City via SRP around dawn of last Sunday, when a sedan driven by Rostico Bas, on his way to Talisay City, swerved and slammed into Cojo’s truck.

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Most of us are working harder than dogs- to some, they work 12 hours a day and not remember that they are human and forgetting to enjoy life. 

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Summer time is usually the time where you are free depending on the nature for your work and your status.

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The prosecution panel in the Maguindanao massacre trial, yesterday, suffered a heavy blow after the judge handling the multiple murder case ordered the release of former provincial officer-in-charge Sajid Islam Ampatuan.

Since it’s summer and I thought people better learn something useful during the time of their vacation, I thought about free diving. However, I wasn’t so sure about that so I asked Carlow who happens to be a free diver.

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It was a regular afternoon where John M shared to me an experience.

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And how to make it better? Dance the 80’s dance! Here is a list of the famous dance moves:

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For many, the greatest summer vacations are spent on a known resort- five star hotels, bars, restaurants and the likes.


We were so happy to have the child prodigy, Alexandre Laverez known to many as AK, participate in Knock Out Thursdays.

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If you haven’t seen her personally yet, let me help you visualize how she looks like.

Have you listened to this late night program lately?

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Oh the 80’s, the time when neon colors were the trend and where disco was at its peak.