“A lady’s man” would be the first thing to come out of anyone’s mouth, if asked about this gentleman.

His easy-going disposition and undying love for two of the sexiest genres in music: Hip Hop and R ‘n B, are just some of the factors that make him alluring to the opposite sex, and to just about everyone.

For a man of few words, he surprisingly has a way of making his listeners feel at home with his relatable adlibs and comical inputs. Aside from being a radio jock and a DJ, he’s got a knack for audio production. He isn’t Y101’s Production Head, and the voice of the station for nothing.

If you’re up for versatility, and are in the mood to hop from one genre to another, then jam with the man with the cap. Tune in to Y101FM for the All Night Live every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 6pm to 10pm, or lock it in on livestream via

It’s never a dull moment with this guy. Let Carlow take you home.