friday gold rush

The Friday is here and Y101’s got you covered. Let’s spend the whole day together and go back in time during the FridayGoldRush.

Friday’s the time of week that everyone’s been waiting for! Friday Gold Rush arrives to keep you smiling until the end of the day. From morning til midnight, get nostalgic as Y101 plays the songs of your wonder years and takes you back in time when you were just discovering life. You’ll have the whole day reminiscing the good old times and the happy memories that go with the songs FridayGoldRush has in store!

A collective combination of pop, glam, hip-hop, rock, new wave, and popular hits from the 70s to the mid-2000s; all for your listening pleasure. All your favorite classic songs of yesteryears in one day. This Friday, let Friday Gold Rush be your time machine. Only here at Y101, Rhythm of the City, Always First.