2016 06 09 MARTHA talks otp main

Meet Martha T, the architect of Y101 and the mother of Bootleg Gold!

A woman with an infinite amount of ideas and an everlasting spark for creativity, one can be sure that she wouldn’t have the time to leave her priorities for a short while, and jump into the booth.

Yet, here we are, with a ton of you proven wrong. Not only can this powerhouse juggle corporate endeavors and personal passion, but she can absolutely rock out like a wicked sister! And rock out like a wicked sister she can, on Bootleg Gold.

Get ready for some sick guitar licks and massive drum riffs accompanied by unadulterated vocals. And as they say, a girl can only go so far with raving, but a woman can headbang her way into uninterrupted bliss.

Don’t miss Bootleg Gold and other classic hits on the Friday Gold Rush every Friday. Turn the volume up, and rip the knob off! let go of your inhibitions with the mother of the station: Martha T.

Only here at Y101, Always First!