afternoon drive

Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the day and listen to good music served up on a platter. Take the stress out of your system and let John M-a man of humor, class, and sense- take the wheel for a bit.

You know you deserve it. Unwind your senses from 2-6 pm and brighten up your afternoon, Listen to John M’s wide range of music as it calms your weary soul and sucks the stress off you. Listen to a choice of his old school rock and Top 40 hits; 90’s bubblegum pop and modern jazz, you are guaranteed with time well-enjoyed.

You deserve to have a great time every day especially when you get stuck in that afternoon traffic jam. So make sure to tune in and get cuffed to John M’s drive every Mondays to Fridays 2pm-6pm, with Icky filling in on Saturdays. Only here at Y101fm; Rhythm of the City - Always First