jiggy jr jiggy in the morning

Throw your alarm clock away ‘coz JiggyJr is the only man who can effectively wake you up!

Jiggy is better than coffee, he’s louder than clocks, and he’s definitely funnier than the rooster outside the window. JiggyJr is everyone’s favorite morning host and he never fails to get you out of bed!

Join the energetic Mr. Sunshine, breathe the fresh morning air and get ready to dance to the morning jams on Jiggy in the Morning. Make sure to prepare your socks of the day too and share ‘em to him! The guy just loves to see everyone’s socks!

The mornings were invented because Jiggy Jr existed, that’s why he’s given the energy to greet you with a spirit and enthusiasm of a person who just drank 10 cups of coffee! Jiggy Jr is the first best thing to happen every morning. So wake up to Jiggy in the Morning from Mondays to Fridays, 6am to 10am. Only here at the best radio station in Cebu, Y101, AlwaysFirst.