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Video Games aren’t just a fad- they are now a part of life and to some people, a vital part.

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They happen. Accidents happen but the thing is they can be avoided by just being careful.

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What’s with blue anyway? According to an article from Business Insider, the color blue may never been known until the modern times.

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After the tragic encounter between our elite special action force, MILF and BIFF fighters in Mamasapano which was dubbed by media as The Fallen 44, a lot of questions were raised by the people. What is the Bangsamoro Basic Law all about?

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I’m just new here and was surprised when I learned a lot of things about Y101FM.

Since everyone wants him, he now has his own slot where you can enjoy every bit of him but wait, shouldn’t we get to know him first?

No one is as expressive as Robin when it comes to talking about food.

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There’s this attitude of Filipinos which is very prevalent and degrading.

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The Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) is an Islamic Militant Organization based in Mindanao, Philippines.

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Everyone loves beer… the people of Y101FM loves beer too.

I haven’t had a meal since morning so I didn’t really know what to ask John about his opinions… all of a sudden, we began talking about food.

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Kids nowadays would ask their parents for the latest tablet or phone there is available in the market; however, it wasn’t the case of the 90’s kids.

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Everyone’s excited for summer!