Icky: How Music Affects Your Personality

 Music Affects Your Personality

Usually if you’re someone who strictly only listens to love songs, you’re most likely a conservative person.

If you’re someone who enjoys technically complex songs, then you’re most likely very open to try new things. Icky believes that your music preferences define who you are, and they can identify what personality type you belong. That’s why it’s a troubling habit to tell which circle Icky belongs to.

As we mentioned before, Icky admits that he sometimes finds it difficult to adapt to different groups. Not because he has difficulty communicating with each of them, but because he has to deal with a diverse set of friends each day that he has to change his personality type often.

The bright side of that though is that it made Icky very open to learn new things by mingling with different types of people. After spending a lot of time with varied groups, he began to notice how each group’s personality type reflects the kind of music they enjoy.

He noticed that the quiet type persons enjoy soft music like jazz, or soft rock. Those he met who are very flamboyant and lively usually likes dance hits. Knowing what kind of music Icky’s friends listen to, helps our weekend DJ get to understand his friends better, and strike a conversation with them easier.

And although that might work to some people in a degree, Icky’s habit of classifying his friends based on their music preferences, is also what makes Icky hard to classify what kind of person he is. He says he listens to a varied type of music, from jazz to hard rock, hip-hop to pop, that’s it’s difficult to pinpoint what personality type he belongs.

I think music is brought about by influence. And who you are is also brought about by influence from your friends, your peers, and who you go out with.”, Icky says, before he continued “Music tells you who you really are. “.

Music affects your personality, and your personality affects your music preference. There are moments in your life that are shaped by a certain type of music you enjoy listening. Icky started by listening to rock radio, then got influenced by the y101’s CHR format where it introduced diverse type of music like hip-hop, jazz, American Top 40’s pop music, and rock. Y101’s musical diversity is probably where Icky got his habit of being open to different type of music, and to different type of people.

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