What is Dark Wave? – Tee Introduces Her Favorite Music

Tee Introduces Her Favorite Music

Our All Night Live gal redefines dark wave music and explains why Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, and Alessia Cara fit the bill!

Tee of the All Night Live and Sunday’s Sunset Cruise admits to me that she’s not really crazy about pop music. She’s not the type of girl who would go gaga for Katy Perry or care which new boyfriend Taylor Swift grabs next. No, Our sweet and loving Tee likes the music equivalent of turning off the lights and bending the body into fetal position in the corner of the room. Y101’s Tee likes listening to “dark wave” electropop like Melanie Martinez, Twenty One Pilots, and Alessia Cara.


Tee describes her favorite type of music as dark wave. She defines it as music that produces happy beats but sings sad lyrics. Oh Wonder and Shura also fit perfectly in Tee’s description, rounding up the perfect playlist for her to every time she gets down.

I like listening to these kind of music just for the lyrics alone. When I hear a new song, I don’t get interested at its tune or beat, but instantly at the lyrics.”, Tee says.

When I mentioned to Tee how ironic her music is, happy beats/sad lyrics, I asked her why shouldn’t she just straight up listen to sad songs instead like from Adele or Sam Smith. She then told me the reason why, and revealed that it’s because of “muchiness”.

Sad ballads are too much. I don't like to get depressed listening to sad songs. Dark wave is better cause it masks the sadness and makes you realize stuff.”, she said.

Tee does make a good point. Sad music tends to rip our hearts apart, but listening to cleverly put out songs that doesn’t sound depressing at first, will grab our attention more. Tee likes to unravel the music she listens to, and get the core out of the message. It’s also a great experience when you notice that your favorite song contains a darker message. The moment when your mind gets blown is the best part.

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