Hip Hop and fashion undeniably go hand in hand.

For years we would see our favorite performers cop different caps, jeans and sneaks in different brands and styles. It's safe to say that music has an influence over music too. So this time I asked Carlow what he had to say.


"I just wear what I feel is comfortable. I like to wear caps that's for sure. Back in the day, it was all about baggy jeans, sneakers, loose shirt and a jacket. Hip hop wear usually flaunts the brand. But I'm not really into that." So I asked if he was into collecting caps and sneakers since it has become even more popular this time around. "I have caps but I don't wear sneakers that much. I like wearing Timberlands now." Carlow's essentials in his day-to-day get up include boots and jeans topped with a cap. When it comes to favorite brands, his caps are from LK, and he loves his Levis jeans and Nike sneakers...or as he put it, "any good running shoes".

What are your favorites from your closet? Does your favorite music influence the way you dress? Let us know!

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