If I dredge up the past, jobs like travel agents, stock brokers, photo processors, bank tellers and even operators were pretty cool back in the days, but here’s a list of the fun jobs today that millennials may want to look into.

I’ve always said that if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you never work a day in your life! Even if you run into glitches, you challenge those teething troubles through positive problem-solving, which result in the fulfillment and financial benefits these bring ahead.

So if you feel your current job is a pain in the butt and you’re considering taking in a new one, you may want to reflect on these exceptionally fun careers:

#1 – DEEJAY:

Are you an extrovert who enjoys publicity and excitement, loves music and are stout-hearted about that mic? Then, this is the perfect job category for you! Whether you’re a radio personality, a club DJ or an electronica mixer, this certainly tops all trades.


FUN ASPECT: With today’s evolving technology, playing recorded music for an audience, delivering mixes in a venue or simply broadcasting your favorite tracks has to be the utmost satisfaction one can have. “Music to your ears” isn’t a saying for nothing!


The term “gaming” says it all! It’s literally fun and games in this industry, so if you’re a techie and enjoy fooling around on your computer, it’s most likely that this one’s for you! It’s a large umbrella containing endless jobs anywhere from interactive entertainment programming, developing of video games online, marketing and sales and even playing digital games for bucks!


FUN ASPECT: What’s exuberant about this is that you’re engaged in a recreational field, kicking up your heel to the most amusing fun all day at work. And what’s more, for those of you homebodies, more often than not, this job allows you to work from home; and for those of you who like hustling and bustling, there’s always a tablet or a smart phone to work out of!


If you have artistic tendencies, this is one sure industry that will unveil your creative juices! It’s all about crafting layouts, outlining covers and unfolding your imaginative designs to grab the attention of readers. Its technical range encompasses just about anything and everything from photography to creating credits for television.


FUN ASPECT: There’s nothing more exciting than to let your imagination go feral and here’s your opportunity to go graphic! Painting it hair-brained or picture-perfect, it is outright fun to let go and exhibit your abilities! Like Picasso said: “Everything you can imagine is real!”

#4 – CHEF:

One of the trendiest vocations today is culinary arts and what better way to avowal your gastronomic expertise than by dint of being a renowned chef? It’s easy to get there with the help of your exotic palate to create some signature dishes for craving penchants.


FUN ASPECT: Showcase your culinary skills and feel the rush of being that crucial persona in every party! Planning out an entire menu, cooking your flawless platters, presenting your dishes in the finest style and watching every detail impeccably has to be the sunniest way to boost your ego.


Being an architect of interiors is a gift not too many people enjoy. If you’re one that walks into a room and immediately visualizes it with a groundbreaking transformation, it’s a sign that you fit into this minority of skillful populace. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing what you’ve recreated, hence if you feel you have the passion and talent for this profession, go for it!


FUN ASPECT: Whether it be green designing, working with furniture or remodeling rooms or buildings, this is one entertaining way to bring new life from an old look. Plus pool resourcing with renowned architects, engineers and the like is not only satisfying but can work well for your portfolio to make you a top-earner!


If you have the knack for throwing epic bashes or organizing monumental events, don’t miss out on this opportunity. It is undeniably 24/7 party time when you do event planning! Hospitality, public relations, marketing, communications or whatever – you name it! It’s all a part of the grind but launching a successful experience is always the best reward for your hard earnt effort!


FUN ASPECT: It’s uninterrupted excitement planning a gig and putting those one-of-a-kind concepts into one big happening! Coordinating with clients on their requests can be utmost fun, especially when you concoct different entertainment models, map out the programs and supervise the every detail with your personal touch! What can be more quenching than a standing ovation for a job well done?


If you absolutely love socializing, hands down, this is it! Public Relations is all about networking and connecting with peeps, discovering “what’s the buzz”, carousing and bantering. And marketing per se, simply chimes with it! It’s merely knowing your brand and believing in it when you rabbit on!


FUN ASPECT: What can be more fun than partying and being on the pulse with what’s sizzling in today’s biosphere? With all the high-speed newsflash in media, who knows if you’ll be the next architect of the most avant-garde marketing campaign for television or radio? Some of the best promos have birthed on these desks!


There’s nothing sweeter than working at your own leisure. With Uber operating in many cities around the world, here’s a driving contract you can engage into and choose your hours and clients. For those of you that are laid back and only want to work on a “need to” basis, this is the ultimate kick-back job for you! No skills are needed as almost everyone knows how to drive. The only prerequisite is your car and you!


FUN ASPECT: What’s great about this business is that you get to meet people from all walks of life! It even works as a second job for some of you. Imagine making those few extra bucks on your way home from work or on the way to dinner. How cool is that?

So there you have it – 8 extremely fun jobs to take into account, millennials! I’m guessing you all know which pick is mine!

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