The word Gentlemen today are just words and there is no depth to it.

If you ask the younger generation to define what a Gentleman is, they would probably have no idea. Some say that Gentlemen are of a dying breed because there are more grown up boys than gentlemen in today’s generation. Grown-up boys are the kind that doesn’t know how to treat women the right and proper way that they should be treated. These are the type that couldn’t keep their word and can talk smack but couldn’t back it up while a true Gentleman is the exact opposite.


A real Gentleman has a vision and a goal. He is the type that knows what he wants and knows exactly how to get it. He is the type that will not be swayed in his determination and he can be very decisive. A Gentleman works hard and yes he develops a sense of arrogance but this is due to the fact that he knows the level of success that he has brought himself to at a certain point. However when he becomes truly confident of his achievements he would feel that there is no need to prove himself and becomes comfortable with everything around him. He then develops a certain level of humility. He is also very particular and careful with his words. He will speak clearly and straightforward without having the need to bring anything or anyone down. His words revolve around himself and what he is talking about. A Gentleman will always put himself behind something bigger than him. He believes in something and he will always stand by his beliefs no matter what happens. These are what separate the men from the boys.

I’m not sure if they are indeed at the tail end of their existence, a dying breed but I am sure there are still modern Gentlemen around and it’s a matter of keeping an eye out for them. If you meet anyone like what I have mentioned above, shake his hand and you will notice how he shakes yours firmly in confidence and sincerity.

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