With the last episode of the football season coming up this Sunday, the entire United States is angsty about its sequel!

It is no astonishment that with the scenario we’re facing, everyone’s on tenterhooks – it’s the peerless Panthers versus the carnivorous Broncos for the chalice this time around. How spectacular can this get?


Let’s start off by prompting your memory with the fact that the Super Bowl is every American football fan’s ecstasy! It is also the most celebrated event of the year in the United States after Thanksgiving Day. The annual championship is the highest level of professional football and the winning team is determined by this final game of the season wherein the NFL (National Football League) and the AFL (American Football League) battle it out!

This year, we have the “CinderellaPanthers with an amazing 17 to 1 record for the season who have never won the prestigious cup. Coming to blows with their helmets and breastplates, and armored head to heel to rumble against the Broncos who are just as hungry and steel-clad to triumph after a long drought, it’s going to be an outright head on collision between Denver’s MVP and veteran quarterback Peyton Manning and Cam Newton from Carolina.

The venue located at the heart of Silicon Valley is the most high-tech football arena that’s ever existed. Santa Clara’s Levi's Stadium is the home of San Francisco’s 49ers with the technology infrastructure centered towards the behavior of the fans. The pioneering sports ground has such an extended advancement, it contains limitless apps, changing the aficionado experience. In short, everything’s wired!

Additionally, it showcases environmental sustainability with its green roof, solar power and recycled water among other unrivalled components. Also coined as “The Big Bellbottom”, this masterpiece is admired for its scenery, architecture, amenities including bars and lounges, high-tech features, easy-accessibility and go-green concept.

When we talk of playoffs and finals in football, it’s anyone’s game. Here we’re referring to the absolute power-machines of the sport and not just any old dog that has qualified uncalculatedly! Of course, we have several dynamics to consider such as the weather, the wind factor, the turf, whether the stadium is domed or not and many more undercurrents but ultimately, these big names are genuinely in a gladiator’s colosseum for the win!

It’s would be a very appetizing victory for the Panthers who have never tasted the Super Bowl trophy and all odds point to them prevailing with 17 out of 18 wins this season but here’s the thing – we have Manning possibly on his “last rodeo” with only one ring who’s itching for a second one to match his younger brother’s achievements - the New York Giant’s quarterback Eli Manning.

Although the stats for the Broncos show 12 wins and 4 losses, they have an exceptionally punishing defense ranking Number 1 in the league this year. However, the Panthers are contending with what was considered as one of the worst offenses of the season, which places both candidates on an even field. Manning, who is also known as “The General”, has to strategize a formula for the opposing defense Luke Kuechly who is NFL’s leading linebacker. He must keep a distance in order to avoid getting sacked, as it’s obvious that he’ll be breathing down his throat.

As far as scoring points, I’m pretty confident that Bronco’s defense will do their part in restraining their opponents, but will Panther quarterback Cam Newton throw that ball repeatedly to tire them out? And will his receivers be fortunate enough to catch all those long lobs to make those touchdowns? The weather’s not going to keep them from passing as there’s no rain up ahead and a pleasant 71 degrees is the perfect temperature to keep them all snug, so I’m anticipating long games rather than running ones for the Panthers.

It will really be up to The General and his expertise to score some points as he will have to be a second coach on the field. In my opinion, he’s really short of backup! He will have to make some decisions on his own and change the game play at times, whether it be pitching the ball to his wide receivers, tight end or half back or because the cunning Panthers defense has read his game. Nevertheless, he likes throwing that ball and with some luck and ability, he just may happen to realize some touchdowns!

My take’s that the Panthers will make a couple of field goals and a touchdown while the Broncos will put a few points on the scoreboard losing the first half, but after Coldplay does the halftime show, which incidentally will be unparalleled, I bet Manning will pick up the slack just like this old-timer always does. They don’t call him The General for nothing!

Then it will be anyone’s ball game…

Las Vegas bets are all on the Panthers but the truth to the matter is: who knows what will transpire? Just like all things in life, anything can happen, from injuries to lucky chances. I’m really confused as to who to put my money on but I think I’m favoring the underdog this time. I’ve always been a fan of The General so I’m going against the flow on this one!

Let’s go Broncos!

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