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Y101FM is always first when it comes to almost everything. This radio station always manages to come up with the most innovative ideas which makes them the hottest radio station ever since it started.

TV news programmes, AM radio stations or even FM radio stations are always delivering news, and it has always been that way. But did you know that Y101FM was the first one to air live news in Cebu up in the sky? If you didn't, well, now you know. Back in 1996, Y101FM used to broadcast live traffic updates from a Cessna plane. They were the first FM radio station station in the city to do this. This happened for a good eight years. It takes a lot of courage and hardwork to run this kind of radio show for years.

We hope Y101FM revives this live traffic update. It will be very useful considering the heavy traffic all around Cebu – and it will be so much cooler.

What’s in our minds? Y101 Talks.

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