The long-awaited release is finally here!

Both Rihanna and Drake releasing a video together have been making waves and it looks like their steamy release for Work will keep everyone even more abuzz for some time. The 9-minute release (Although if you watch through Rihanna's VEVO channel on YouTube it runs over 7 minutes) is actually two visual takes of the song lends separate ways to view the song: the first part being fun and flirty while the second part is more polished and intimate between the two stars.


The first part is reportedly a tribute to Torronto's Caribbean ties as it showcased famed restaurant The Real Jerk in an opening shot. The scene then spotted the pair in a steamy dance in the club as they sang to the lyrics. On the next version, both suited up as they sang and danced alone in a room which made it even more intimate. The soft pink light in this version would pretty much remind you of Drake's notorious Hot Line Bling. Drake chills on the couch during Rihanna's dance break, getting to his feet for his rap and some very low-key grinding. The music video was directed by former Sean Paul collaborator Director X, while the second half was directed by Tim Erem, who has done music videos for Major Lazer and Tove Lo, among others.

The pair has been making headlines in the past and fans alike hope that the two could eventually make a relationship work. This apparently isn't the first time that they've worked together as they have released two singles, 2010's What's My Name and 2011's Take Care, before taking some musical time apart. But with the success of this most recent single now eclipsing that of all of their previous collaborations, the pair will likely continue to work together.

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