Oh how we just couldn't get enough of our Hollaback Girl!

Known for her quirky personality and creative flair, Gwen Stefani has been making waves the past months with performances and a recent collaboration with a makeup brand. At the recently concluded Grammy Awards, the former No Doubt vocalist is at it again with her releasing the first-ever live music video on TV for her new song Make Me Like You which aired during a four-minute commercial break on Grammys night. Sponsored by Target, the 46-year-old proved her triple threat status by singing, dancing and acting in her live video performance with frequent wardrobe changes in between multiple sets. How cool is that?


Make Me Like You is Stefani's second single off her upcoming album This Is What The Truth Feels Like. Stefani first awoke on a set of stairs at the scene of a car crash, before she was whisked away by a team of dancers. The Voice coach was then pulled into a hair salon (the camera even flashed her reading a tabloid about her being pregnant again), and emerged with a sparkly new jacket. At one point, she was actually surrounded by dancers wearing masks of her face. Everyone online even freaked out when it seemed she fell while filming a clip skating around a rink with dancers. No sweat though- the slip-up was by a Stefani stunt double as she was seen in a stunning number concluding her song.

This one-of-a-kind production was directed by Sophie Muller of Jesse Dylan's Wondros Collective and both she and Stefani has pulled this one off big time. Unlike live music video streams done by the likes of Death Cab for Cutie or Erykah Badu, the concept together with the fun production design made Stefani's latest single an unforgettable event in music video history.

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