Brush up on some old-school pop culture with these must-see flicks!

Is it me or newer movies seem to predictable or overly dramatic? Let's take a trip down memory lane with some of the 80's celebrated films. For today's generation, take a breather from your masochistic romance or faux vampire films with these picks!


Pretty in Pink just celebrated its 30th anniversary and this one's the reason why I was inspired to write this article. We'll never forget how our heroine Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) stood up against the "richies" in a hybrid of hand-me-down and thrifted dresses at their high school prom. Being true to yourself amidst all the popularity and riches is truly gold.

Ronald Miller's (Patrick Dempsey) story in Can't Buy Me Love taught us how we just can't force love and relationships. This is a classic story of a loser that makes the school's most popular girl fall for him as well as how one gets burned because of a crazy ambition to fit in.

The Breakfast Club's a no brainer: it showcases how our personal upbringing shapes the way we form relationships with our peers. Played by the infamous Brat Pack of the 80's (grab the chance to watch every film by these stars), the movie is praised for several things: how the characters were created, the coming of age/ transformation of the five personalities and the overall humor is all thanks to John Hughes' exceptional writing. A must-watch indeed.

Say Anything... is a refreshing and charming movie all about the beauty of one's first romance- unexpected and exhilarating. John Cusack plays the optimistic Lloyd who seeks to capture the seemingly unattainable straight-A achiever Diane (Ione Skye). Surprisingly an accurate depiction of how two worlds crash and form a beautiful love story for everyone to fall for, Say Anything... is the unapologetic benchmark of love that all of us hope for.

Have you ever wondered how it's like to play the opposite gender for even just a day? Just One of the Guys is a classic romantic comedy starring Joyce Heyser as she plays the ambitious Terry. After losing the chance to become an intern for the local newspaper, Terry concluded that her writing club's biased towards the opposite sex. Terry changes schools and poses as a guy in hopes that her work will be judged on its merit, not dismissed as a result of her good looks. Aside from being a romcom film, Just One of the Guys is loved for its confrontation against gender roles, bullying and sexism.

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