The all-girl group strikes back after 9 years!

It's been 19 years since All Saints made their first hit Never Ever and after being missing in action for the last 9 years, the all-girl group makes a comeback with One Strike. Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis, Nicole Appleton and Natalie Appleton making a comeback after having solo projects is pretty much at point with the Women's Month celebration, don't you think? The heartbreak song was released last week and is the first single off their upcoming album Red Flag.


To give us all a little background on the song, apparently, the song was inspired by group member Nicole's divorce from former Oasis band member Liam Gallagher. The pair has since separated back in 2013 but their pricey divorce made it to British tabloids last year. Shaznay shares in an interview with NME that "Nic was going through a lot of things at that time. That was at the forefront of my mind because it was the heaviest thing going on."

In a way, the video takes us back to the nostalgic days of Black Coffee and the sultry 90's. However, in the video, with the ladies being more mature and seemingly stronger, each of them have ditched their cargo pants for some designer stilettos and are seen singing apart. The video then concludes them standing together signifying their unity. Musical wise, the girls have retained their soft and sweet synthy R&B vibe with a pinch of style that's similar with alternative rock band 1975.

With both the video and lyrics being understated, the song still makes a strong statement with the lines "I don't want to be in this home / Broken promises, time to leave / I had everything that you need," Indeed, One Strike has easily become the anthem for celebrating a woman's emancipation from heartbreak.

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