An office machine that produces recycled paper onsite is going on sale soon.

Office machines tend to do one of three things with paper: print on it, scan it, or shred it. Epson’s newest creation, however, is like an onsite recycling center.

They call it PaperLab, and it can turn previously used sheets of paper into clean, fresh sheets that are ready to be piled into copier and printer paper trays and printed on all over again. Created by Epson, they’ve served their purpose, it’s back down to the PaperLab to be recycled all over again.

It’s a fairly speedy process, too. Epson says that the PaperLab can produce 6,720 sheets of paper over the course of an 8-hour workday. That pace would be good enough to churn out around six cases of paper every week.

Epson didn’t reveal how much they’ll be selling PaperLabs for, but unless you’re going through a massive amount of paper it probably isn’t going to save a pile of money. For a business that still relies on paper but also tries to be eco-friendly, however, setting up a PaperLab is about more than cutting down on consumables purchasing.

PaperLabs brings the whole recycling process in house. No recycling bins need to be filled up. No truck needs to haul paper away to a recycling facility, and no one like Hammermill or GP has to churn out new reams of paper and load them on more trucks to ship to office supply stores.

There’s another reason a company might want to install Epson’s PaperLab in their offices. Epson says that the way it breaks down used paper into fibers is every bit as secure a way to destroy documents as shredding them, and the volume this thing can handle makes it practical even for companies that just bin documents and let a third-party company haul everything away for offsite destruction.

Epson will be showing off PaperLab at the Eco-Products expo in Tokyo next week. They plan on having the system ready to ship in 2016.

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