Thai-style Deep Fried FishImage

Check out how to cook one of Mighty Mike Solo’s favorite Thai cuisine!

One of the favorite ways to prepare fish in Thailand is to fry it until it is thoroughly crispy – head, tail, fins and all – but not greasy.

The Thai-style of frying fish usually requires the fish to be fried unskinned in plenty of hot oil for longer than than what is normally recommended in western cooking. This way, the fish will come out dried-out, crunchy, and crispy.

The fish is then covered with sweet, sour & spicy sauce usually made from sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and chilies. The sauce paired with the crunchiness of the fried fish is something to die for.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Mighty Mike Solo himself. Here’s a post by Y101’s very own Mighty Mike Solo enjoying his deep fried fish Thai-style.


Deep fried fish in sweet sauce. Thai cuisine has also been a favourite of mine. #foodie #foodtrip #asiancuisine #y101fm

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