Why is the Avocado so popular?

We’re all familiar with the avocado, the creamy greenish-yellow fruit that has firmly placed itself on to so many celebrities and fashionistas regular diet. But now the avocado has reached even greater heights. Just two days ago Pinterest had revealed on their website that the avocado ranked at the most pinned food trend of 2015.

The rise to fame can be partly attributed to the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who compared her avocado toast to “your favorite pair of jeans – so reliable and easy and always just what you want.” It wasn’t too long after that the hashtag #avocadoobsessions burst to life, where fans of the avocado boom have been faithfully posting their avocado creations.

Pinterest to those of you who don’t know is a website that creates visual bookmarks that help people save their creative ideas. This website recorded more than 500,000 food related “pins” and avocado were 2 of the top pins of 2015 – the avocado egg bake and avocado hummus.


Many more thousand were imitating the dishes in their own kitchens. And all those avocado enthusiasts will always tell you that they are high in fat, but the “good fat”, healthy monounsaturated fat. So that makes the avocado a widely used ingredient on the health buff’s diet.

With all this popularity comes haters, yes even avocado’s have haters. Recently in the UK it was said that the avocado toast was possibly “the most annoying food on Instagram.” Possibly due to its over-popularity.


At the end of the day whether you are an avocado advocate, or if you are a hater one fact still remains; the avocado has healthy fats that do provide nutrients and help lower cholesterol levels. It has also been revealed that avocados can help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. So next time you feel like a quick snack, look up your favorite avocado dish.

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