Why these 5 foods are expected to be popular in 2016

Last week we talked about the avocado being the most popular food on Pinterest this 2015. This week we will find out from top sources which foods are most likely to be the trendiest for 2016. Everyone seems to have their own opinion come the end of the year: the National Restaurant Association, Food Network, and even Pinterest joined in on the action.


Last year we saw a lot of vegetables taking center stage in the culinary world. Juice cleanses, avocado toast, and vegetarian entrees are now become the new normal. Next year, sources say, vegetables will be taking the trend a step further as in-house pickling and fermentation stations are becoming the next big thing. Stephen Gillanders was one person who capitalized on this.

The incredible success of both pickles and Korean food in the past few years has turned many more people onto the idea of fermentation," says Gillanders, who serves a pickled ginger remoulade as a riff on traditional Japanese pickled ginger. Around the country, other restaurants are already fermenting and brining everything from french fries and shiitake tempura to eggs and squash.


African Cuisine

Being dubbed as the new Mexican food, African style cuisine is triggering a movement as more and more chefs are turning to African spices. From Algeria to Ethiopia, the African continent has an abundance of interesting flavors that the world has yet to discover.


The Rise of Delivery Apps

Technology has taken over every part of our lives. The traditional ‘call-in and order from the restaurant’ is over. You can now order food from practically any restaurant, at any time of the day with the use of an “App” such as foodpanda. You can literally be walking home from work and want to order your dinner, so you connect online and by the time you get home it’s there.


Ramen has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. From Milan to Tokyo, ramen has sparked a global sensation using these two simple components: noodles and broth. Tsuta, a nine seat ramen shop in Tokyo, just became the most exclusive restaurant as it was the first ramen shop to be awarded a Michelin Star.


Heritage Cuisine

Or fancy way of saying modern Jewish cooking with a twist of the chef’s roots and respective food cultures, is reinventing itself. Such items such as kosher breads, Falafels, and smoked fish are expected to make big strides in 2016.


So if you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, or just impressing that special someone think about what might be in culinary style this 2016.

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