The World’s Most Expensive Food!

If you’re an eater you may already be familiar with beluga caviar. And surely everyone has heard of escargot, but what if I told you that the latest hit in the food industry combines the two. You’ve heard right, escargot caviar is the newest craze of the gastronomical world.


Snail caviar, what is it though? Snails aren’t even a fish, how can they be considered caviar. Well, believe it or not snail caviar are actually the pearl shaped eggs of land snails, and much more expensive and hard to find that their beluga caviar cousins. At about $2,500.00 a kilo (or 8000 pesos for a teaspoon), don’t expect to find this delicacy and your local grocer, but there is a good chance that as more and more farmers start harvesting escargot eggs it will start appearing on more and more menus.


It is said by food experts that the caviar has a delicious succulence to it, and an earthy taste with notes of mushroom and rosemary. Farmer’s also assure consumers that only vet-approved diets of cereal, calcium, and vitamins so don’t be too scared to try these curious little beads if you ever have the chance.


As more and more restaurants are serving this slimy but delicious dish it seems farmers and restaurants are struggling to keep up with demand. It is reported that it would take two more years to keep up with the demands of the snail caviar industry today. It may be something to think about the next time you see a snail in your garden.

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