Hailee Steinfeld to Star in Transformers Bumblebee

This week two new songs debut on Y101’s Weekly Top 20.

These songs are The xx’s I Dare You, a song about infatuation; and Hey Violet’s Hoodie, a song about missing an ex-partner. Meanwhile, David Guetta and Justin Bieber finally made it to the top spot with their chill track, 2U. The song is perfect for when you want to tell a girl that you’ll wait for her because according to Bieber, the 2U is a “romantic  ode to a woman who is worth the chase and time she demands.”

Read more about this week’s hits below.


“Back to You” by Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals

  • “Back To You” is ex-One Direction member Louis Tomlinson’s second single as a solo artist. Tomlinson said the song doesn’t relate to him, but “it was nice” because it “took some pressure off” from recording the rest of the songs for his album which is very personal.
  • Louis Tomlinson said in an interview via Heat magazine that Back to You represents “the most extreme situation of that kind of relationship”.


“I Dare You” by The xx

  • According to The xx, “I Dare You” is a song that explains the feelings of dealing with strong infatuation and therefore contrasts - as well as matches - their previous single “On Hold,” which dealt with extending relationships and holding on to love.
  • A recurring theme throughout the xx’s new album,  I See You, is the uncertainty of allowing yourself to love, and to be loved. Xx members Sim and Madley Croft are daring the subjects of the songs to fall in love, and to see what happens.

“Hoodie” by Hey Violet

  • Hey Violet is a (mostly female) American alternative pop band from Los Angeles, California, with Rena Lovelis acting as bassist and vocalist. Hey Violet has been in the music scene since 2008 and their latest single, Hoodie is found in their 2nd album From the Outside, released last June.
  • Lyrically, Hoodie is sung from the point of view of somebody who recently broke up with a partner. Even though the relationship has ended, that person has still kept his/her partner’s hoodie because it reminds them of their ex.

Gossip: Hailee Steinfeld

Last week, 20-year old singer Hailee Steinfeld was spotted practicing diving as preparation for her lead role in the upcoming movie, Bumblebee, a prequel to the Transformers movies. The movie, whose release date is slated for 2018, just started principal photography, and Steinfeld has already shot some scenes. Steinfeld will play the role of Charlie who discovers Bumblebee, “battle-scarred and broken”. Her character will help revive Bumblebee, and she quickly learns that this “is no ordinary Volkswagen Bug”

#1 “2U” by David Guetta and Justin Bieber

  • 2U is a perfect song to when you want to tell a girl that you’re willing to wait for her. According to Justin Bieber, “2U” is a romantic ode to a woman who is worth the chase and time she demands. David Guetta says the song is an “incredible combination of emotion and energy with a huge melody combined with edgy sounds”.
  • David Guetta says that he’s very proud to finally share a record with Justin Bieber. He said that Bieber has “such a unique voice and I have so much respect for his talent, but also for his choices. Guetta says that Bieber takes risks in reinventing himself in “cool amazing creative ways” and he’s just happy to finally collaborate with him.

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