Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls songfactsImage Source: babcoentertainment.com

This week on Y101’s WT20, Liam Payne still reigns supreme with Strip that Down staying on the number one spot.

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper debuts with a new single from his Grammy-winning album Coloring Book. Hailee Steinfeld debuts as well with her empowerment song that she says will encourage women to be whatever they want to be.

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“I Dare You” by The xx

    • “I Dare You” is the second single from The xx’s new album. It premiered on November 2016 and explains the feelings of dealing with strong infatuation and therefore contrasts - as well as matches - their previous single “On Hold,” which dealt with extending relationships and holding on to love.
    • A recurring theme throughout the xx’s new album,  I See You, is the uncertainty of allowing yourself to love, and to be loved. Xx members Sim and Madley Croft are daring the subjects of the songs to fall in love, and to see what happens.


“All Night” by Chance the Rapper ft. Knox Fortune

  • “All Night” talks about Chance’s newfound trust issues now that he’s famous and how some people want to take advantage of him. He just wants to party without everyone asking him for favors or other stuff.
  • “All Night” is produced by critically acclaimed producer KAYTRANADA. He wanted to have the song sound retro. With All Night, KAYTRANADA brings back the Chicago house style of the mid-to-late 80s and features up-and-coming rapper Knox Fortune.

“Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld

  • At its core, “Most Girls” is a female empowerment anthem. In it, Hailee celebrates all kinds of girls and hits home with a chorus that declares girls as strong and powerful.
  • During an appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Hailee Steinfeld talked about the meaning of Most Girls, and said the song is about power. She says, “You’re telling women that you are capable of so much more, you are so much more than society says around you. And you can aspire to whatever you wanna be.”