Better make sure your five-hour trip will be worth it!

Well, being away from the city to catch fresh air and sea breeze is pretty much worth it but there's more to do if you plan to stop by. Although being a Cebuana by heart, I still feel that I haven't explored the beauty of our island enough and I'm sure several of you share the same feeling. Here's some activities and places to try whenever you plan to stop by!

Whale Shark Watching

In the recent years Oslob has received quite a buzz because of different species of Whale sharks inhabiting in that part of the island. Resorts and establishments have especially dedicated themselves to catering to tourists and locals who wish to swim up close with these friendly creatures. Day trips and tours around, outdoor activities, water sports and boat tours are also being offered alongside the usual whale shark watching. Some establishments worth mentioning are AJ's Place, Island Trek Tours (which also offer canyoneering activities) as well as George and Jimmy's Whale Watching Resort. As a general rule, be sure to plan your trip ahead, call establishments and accommodations if you plan to spend the night because the municipality in general is flocking with tourists and lastly- please be respectful and mindful about the set of rules when it comes to interacting with the whale sharks. You can also expect a mark-up on basic necessities and liquor too so you may also bring your own food and beverages. Just make sure that the resort or accommodation you wish to go to won't have a corkage fee.

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Tumalog Falls


Being Oslob's source of water, Tumalog Falls has been known for its beauty and being well-maintained. You can access the falls through habal habal drivers which cost around Php 50 for a one-way ride and if motorcycles make you squeamish, you can take a 10 to 15 minute walk too. Don't worry though as the municipality's authorities have placed a generous amount of signs that will lead the way. Also keep in mind the Php 20 entrance fee too! Either way, the way to this beauty is worth it as the cool waters refresh your skin.The waterfall is a real beauty, but do prepare to get wet; the spray the waterfall generates is quite heavy so make sure you waterproof everything that needs to be waterproofed. There are also cottages and tables for rent around the area but the con here is that they're several yards from the actual falls. Being a visitor, be mindful of common etiquette and make sure to take your garbage and waste before you leave.

Spots to Explore


Oslob also has several spots worth a few snaps with your friends too! The Calle Aragones is the oldest street in Oslob and was named after Fr. Jose Aragones. It was built in 1879. This famous street is beside the church and leads to the Cuartel. The Cuartel is also known as barracks or headquarters, the Cuartel was used during the Spanish times. The construction of the building was stopped because of the arrival of the Americans and coral stones were used during the construction of this structure.The Baluarte is also worth mentioning too as this was one of the seven watchtowers in Oslob and is within the Municipal Heritage Park. Speaking of the Heritage Park, this is also a good spot to bask in some fresh air!

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I hope these are informative for your future adventures to the southern side of Cebu. To make the most out of your trip, whether you're taking the bus or driving your car, leave early so that you'll have longer hours to enjoy your visit.

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