It's time to ditch that crowded Starbucks branch you've grown tired of.

When it comes to cafes, coffee easily pops to mind. But sometimes, we need a refreshing break from shops that's too crowded with people who don't actually love coffee. Sometimes we want a bit of personality and flair into where we hang out too! So here are some lovable spots to check out real quick:

Topokki Man

Located few meters away from San Carlos Talamban, Topokki Man is an affordable place to grab a quick Korean meal and sweets. Have a refreshing plate of their Cheese Topokki, Baby Rolls and go to glucose heaven with their Densio's Mango Float. The owner Mr. Topokki is pretty friendly too so don't be shy to say Hi!

Go Go Cafe


A newer cafe concept, the Japanese Go Go Cafe is located at P. Remedios Street at Banilad. They have a wide menu with reasonable price points too, some fried rice sets such as their Japanese Curry Rice set, Sauce Tonkatsu Bowl and Spam Sushi if you can't let go of having a touch of breakfast food. They also have some desserts and souvenirs all housed in a relaxed and stylish environment so try to swing by of you have the time.

Crate Cafe


Located at Busay, aside from looking like a giant crate, Crate Cafe Cebu boasts of concoctions made with fresh coffee grounds. They offer up to 15 coffee-based beverages together with 3 Italian soda varieties. Do try their Blended Coffee Banana Caramel, Green Apple Soda and some desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fujinoya Bakery | Gourmet Coffee | Bistro


Funinoya is a goof place to grab some artisan pastries paired with their fresh coffee. Located Lahug, this concept boasts of western desserts made with a Japanese flair and makes sure that the secret ingredients used are at par with those used in Japan. Every now and then they change their pastry offerings but they also offer savory dishes to try too such as their Meat Sauce Burger and Wasabi Hotdog.

Yolk Coffee and Breakfast


Who can deny their love for breakfast food all day and night? Aside from offering fresh brew and breads, Yolk is a good place to enjoy breakfast food all day housed in a relaxing and refined environment. Located at Mabolo, do try their Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan, Eggs Benny and some Green and Envy. Yum!

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