I am writing this article on Valentine's Day so you will probably be reading this a day after which is post valentine's day.

I'm sure you wouldn't mind since I have decided not to talk about love, we are going to talk about relationships instead. I belong to a conservative generation and that includes our views on relationship issues. Today I see it differently; a lot has changed on how people see it. This change is the reason why relationships are falling apart so easily.


Today people are not willing to make sacrifices and compromises without realizing that this is one of the core foundations of a relationship. This was called unconditional love. Today in a relationship people look for excitement in the things they do instead of creating memories to last a lifetime. The younger generation is too busy to allow themselves to fall madly in love. It is more of a convenience and necessity rather than a feeling. They do not allow the sense of belongingness to develop through time; everything must be achieved in an instant. Technology is suppose to bring us closer to one another but with hundreds of people we have to deal with everyday in social media alone it is ripping us apart. The new generation is proud to call themselves sexually liberated, they believe in having to engage in sex first and decide if they want to love that person or move on casually. This is without realizing that sexual pleasure can only be achieved with love.

This generation is scared to fall in love, scared to commit, scared to fall, scared to get hurt, and scared to get our hearts broken. It does not allow itself to feel, to fall in love unconditionally and to be loved the same. It is very afraid and guarded. I see that because of this relationships are not valued anymore, it isn't considered sacred like it used to. I don't know how the evolution of man would turn out if this mind set is kept among the young, I just hope that eventually in time this generation will once again realize that if there is anything to be conquered here in this world and if there is anything worth fighting for it is love.

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