Although Beyoncé turned heads during her Queen B performance on Super Bowl 50's Half Time Show, she certainly blew it with her controversial political act!

I've been meaning to express my frustrations towards the tactless she-wolf that trashed the Half Time Show barely five days ago but I guess I needed some time to absorb such sacrilege!


The Super Bowl is a sacred fête for Americans and being its 50th birthday party, quite a number of the people that attended it or watched it worldwide were looking forward to revel in what has always been the most anticipated show of the year. So it was really quite a pity that the battle-ax singer Bey had to go for the kill, honoring the hate group with her dancing crew of Black Panther inspired costumes, one of which held up a "Justice 4 Mario Woods" cartel! Coincidentally, it was also the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panthers thus, the black berets sealed the deal; she meant no good and instead heightened the existing tension and the barrier between races instead of providing what should have been an enjoyable spectacle.

Worse yet, the backbiter used the event to announce her Formation world tour in an advertisement that ran after the game, announcing that tickets would be out for sale effective February 9. Maybe a shrewd marketing strategy, possibly suggested by her highfalutin entrepreneur husband Jay Z, but a callous shrew to take away what was supposed to be an escape for many. Beyoncé selfishly and insensitively ripped open the bleeding gash of the ongoing tension between blacks and whites to an even more intense racial issue. And she claims she supports BlackLivesMatter... Hell, no!

How would she have felt if Lady Gaga had sung the National Anthem in a Ku Klux Klan or a White Brotherhood guise, hooded in a white costume?

The totally uncool Beyoncé performed her atrocious new track Formation (which incidentally sucks!) in the middle of the Levi's Stadium field, much like a low class hustler seducing the audience with the trashy and politicized Black Panthers' anti-climax move! Taking advantage of her voluptuous body, her provocative dance moves and vulgar ghetto twerks, the nunchaku act was appalling! She smashed it with her tasteless technique of stirring the pot instead of making the annual championship competition a pleasant experience for the public, therefore destroying the spirit of competitiveness and camaraderie in sports. Ultimately, she ended the game!

Moreover, I'm boggled about the NFL allowing such an atrocious feature to be a part of the exclusive episode. First there was an elegant Lady Gaga who graciously presented the event with an unparalleled delivery of The Star Spangled Banner, followed by empathic performance of Coldplay and Bruno Mars at half-time and finally slayed by a bimbo! Now how repulsive is that? Could it be that this wanna-be diva was out to desecrate America? It's no wonder that to this date, there has been endless backlash and criticism on her performance leading to anti-Beyoncé protests, social media hash-tagging on its disapproval in #BoycottBeyonce and even NFL reproach. How did such an abomination ever happen?

As for me, I'm totally thwarted by her abysmal actions and disappointed at the fact that only a week ago, I idolized her. I feel like a complete and utter fool because today, I have such low regards for this podunk artist who thinks nothing but dollar bills!

And to be quite honest, I'm actually glad that the Panthers lost the smash-mouth game because it only substantiates the white supremacy! Black versus white – and white takes the ring! Congrats Manning for proving that point!

And to you Beyoncé, let karma do the work!

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