Many of us wear socks for a variety of purpose, other than wearing socks to keep our feet warm and to protect them from blisters, its purpose go beyond making our feet comfortable. Some people also own and wear socks for collection, Y101’s, ball of sunshine – Jiggy Jr. has a sock collection himself.

Back then, Jiggy was mildly fond of wearing socks, until he bought his first pair of Muji socks which turned his collection into an obsession. In fact, he has drawers devoted to socks with an abundance of different styles and designs.

It’s nothing really serious, it's not like a serious collection, you know what I mean? It's just for fun. I can afford socks but I can't afford a car collection. I guess instead of buying a Ferrari which I can't afford, I'll just buy a pair of socks then.Jiggy humorously explained.

Jiggy believes that a pair of socks play a crucial role in an individual’s attire. He linked wearing socks to someone putting a cherry on top of a sundae or a cake because socks also serve as the final touches to one’s outfit. More importantly, he explained that wearing a pair of socks could send a message as well. For example, when an individual wears bright-colored socks, it could depict happiness or bravery. During Independence Day, Jiggy recalled wearing red, white and blue socks to commemorate Philippine independence. Recently, he also wore his Germany socks to show his support for Germany during the FIFA world cup and wore his Lakers socks to show his support for his favorite basketball team.

What I'm trying to really say is, how you feel and how you respect the people that you are going to meet on that day, can be shown by what you wear. I believe one should think about what you're going to wear right down to the last detail and I think the last details are the socks. You show respect to the day and the people around you when they see you’re dressed for the occasion.

When asked about his preferred designs, Jiggy said that he does not have any specific design that he likes. Though it cannot be avoided to have some personal favorites, he shared that one of his absolute favorite pair, is his pug socks. He finds them really cute, especially since he has a pet pug named Cooper (@cooperthepug) which he bought eight months ago.

Most of his socks are also gifts from his listeners because most of them are aware of the fact that he likes - loves socks. “My superhero socks are actually given to me by my young listeners. I have several listeners who visit and bring me those socks, it's a nice thought because they know that I like socks and that also means that they are listening or watching me on Instagram,” Jiggy shared.

Despite the fact of having an abundance of socks, Jiggy admits that there are also times when he wouldn’t wear them. “I wear socks everywhere, but you know sometimes, the best thing to do for something that you love or something that you like is to be without it. So there are times when I don't wear socks, like on weekends, I don’t wear socks. It is also an expression of how casual the day would be or perhaps how stinky you want your feet to be,” he explained.

There need not be any reason behind the choice of people for collecting things. Though, there can simply be one reason; it makes them happy. Indeed, socks make our Mr. Sunshine in the morning really happy, which is why make sure to capture a photo of your socks and share it to him using the hashtag #showmeyoursocks because he would also love to see what you got under your feet!