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What’s a better way to spend a rainy day than by cooking up an appetizing dish and eating it afterwards?

Sharing it with friends and family, of course! And John M certainly knows how to keep himself and his guests warm and full.

I stepped into John M’s radio booth one cold stormy afternoon during his program the Afternoon Drive. It was such a downpour outside the building and the AC unit in the station was freezing my ass off so I decided to cozy myself up inside the booth and annoy John M for a bit. I figured if John M was trying to warm everyone up through his radio show, I might as well take a live front row seat and get comfortable, like sitting next to the fireplace. The more John M talked during his show, the warmer everyone felt. While the humble John M might brush off such a compliment, there was one feeling he undoubtedly agreed we both felt during that rainy day. It was that the weather was making us hungry!

John M started talking about what he wanted to cook when he gets home. He said that during rainy days, he loves to make his favorite rainy day-dishes like pork-bone soup and pairing it with salted fish or fried anduhaw. He also likes to cook up some sinigang or chicken tinola with lemongrass and maybe pairing them with some good of buwad.

According to John, these food are his go-to comfort food and are perfect for a cold rainy weather. He usually spends P250 to make pork bone soup, which is not a bad price if you consider he cooks the dish for four people. His children loves to cook with him and spending some quality time with their dad is what makes John feel even warmer.

Cooking makes the family together. There’s nothing like cooking dinner for everyone on a rainy day or night. And especially when it’s really pouring, that’s the perfect time to watch horror movies with the kids.”

John M doesn’t just cook for his kids too. Everytime his friends come over for a drinking session, he takes out his apron, prepares the spices and grills out some burgers for everyone!

Do they like your cooking too, John?”, I asked. “Of course! That’s why they always go to my house. The reason why i don't miss my friends is because they refuse to go away.”, he replied.

I love cooking. It destresses me. It’s like going to a psychiatrist to have a peace of mind. So when it rains, I go to my comfort zone which is cooking. What I usually do is prepare all the spices first, and turn the music loud. The same thing I did when I used to help my mom out in the kitchen when I was a kid.

For John, every dish is his baby. (apparently a baby he eats afterwards). He says that when he’s going to cook anything, it might as well be good. His friends and family are happy with the dishes he comes up with, and his listeners are happy with what he cooks up in his show too!

So don’t miss John M every Mondays to Fridays on the Afternoon Drive 2pm – 6pm. Only here at the rhythm of the city, Y101, Always First.

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