Secret to Getting Out of Bed Early

Sometimes the bed’s too comfortable in the morning, and it’s very hard to move away from it. Jiggy Jr shares the secret on how to make you feel alert and effectively boost your energy for the new day!

You’re on your bed. You wake up from the ringing of the alarm clock and you check the time is 5:30am. You hit the snooze button and hide under the blanket. It’s another day for work, or school, -and in your head you complain that it’s too early and that it’s very tiring to get up.

Secret to Getting Out of Bed Early

If you’d set your radio to automatically turn on to Jiggy in the Morning, then you’d instantly wake up and have enough energy to get going. Jiggy Jr gives positive vibes early in the morning and that will surely help you get out of bed.

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Jiggy Jr believes that being positive or being surrounded with positivity will help anyone get up early. If you avoid the news, especially tragic ones before you go to sleep, then you’d wake up to a morning where you perceive the world as beautiful, which it is. Although there will always be bad things in the world, if you just focus on the good stuff, then the world will be a happy place for you. Just remember the love, and sunshine, and all the nice things that await you each day.

Jiggy also believes that getting out of bed in the morning is a matter of having an attitude of thankfulness.The moment you open your eyes in the morning and take in a breath, is enough reason to be very thankful that you’re awake! Some people could have their last sleep, and you’re lucky that you’re one of those people who was still able to open your eyes. Jiggy believes that this is the primary reason why we should always be thankful why we wake up.

There is also this thing called chance. The possibilities of what will happen today is infinite, and that’s what makes waking up to each day exciting. You wouldn’t know how lucky you might become today. You could probably win the lottery in the afternoon, or meet your favorite star in the evening. If those things aren’t enough to get you excited and get out of bed, then Lord knows what.

To effectively get out of bed, Jiggy Jr proposes that you be thankful each morning. Surround yourself with positivity and just be excited of what may come each day.

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