How to Juggle Work and School

There are some unfortunate souls out there who are studying in school and at the same time trying to make money by doing part-time jobs.

Tee was one of those beat up survivors, and so I talked with her to share about the secrets to balancing school and work hoping to help poor souls and make their lives more bearable!

How to Juggle Work and School

As an adult, you have obligations. Your parents cut off your allowance but you’ve still got a long way to go before you wear that graduation cap. You need to show your parents that you’re a responsible independent person who can take of yourself, and so you tried to get a job.

You were warned that you’d be working for these many hours, and you start to worry if you can make it to your classes on time. The next thing you know, your social life is gone, you’re robbed of sleep, and you secretly do your homeworks at work.

Tee feels what you feel. Because just like you, Tee used to juggle her school classes and work duties everyday. The All Night Live host revealed that she used to sleep for five hours or less. The first thing she did in the mornings is go to school, and after classes she dashes straight to work. She even told me that she had other sideline jobs too, that keep her from getting even just a few minutes to catch a wink.

Just like Tee, you can survive this horrible life and at the end you will feel very accomplished. Tee suggests that you need to make a time management plan. She also said that you should consider opportunity costs; like if you decide to go to sleep then you’ll have no social life. Hang out with your new friends then you won’t get to have the sleep you need.

It will all be worth it in the end. Hardwork and experience will make things easier over time. So be like Tee and enjoy what you do.

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