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This generation can’t live without the non-stop partying everywhere.

It is what keeps the barkada closer together. No matter how tired or busy the people are, they always manage to make time for a blast out. All kinds of parties have circulated around the city, from paint parties, pool parties, to beach parties and so on. As always, there is that specific entity that breaks new ground – like Neil Armstrong being the first one to land on the moon kind of thing – but for the beach parties, I am proud to say that Y101FM was the first radio station to host a party by the sea.

Back in the late 90’s, parties were already a thing, but they usually take place inside a club or a bar. They also had DJs playing songs that were popular in their time (I’m not talking about EDM). But Y101FM didn’t want to settle with the trend, they wanted to start it. They wanted a fresh new gig for the people to also experience, especially their listeners, so they thought differently and came up with a beach party. Since beach parties weren’t as widely known as it is now, the event was very successful.  Because of all the attention it gained, other radio stations and organizers followed the concept. The beach party happened at the Tambuli Beach Resort in Mactan. I’m pretty sure that’s how all these seaside parties coming out right now started, or got their inspiration from.

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