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We don’t know what’s going to happen during the festival so it’s best we keep our gadgets safe and sound than risking the ultimate gadget destruction.

Want some good protection on your iPhone 6? Why not get a Glass screen protector? It’s double the protection. It may make your iPhone a bit bulkier but it’s barely noticeable. It is known that most people tend to destroy their new phones in less than 12 months after purchase due to some mishandling- especially if the owner is quite young or clumsy that is why it is best to add some protection to the phones not only on iPhone 6 but to the other phones as well. Invest in a glass screen protector and you’ll never go wrong with it. Just go to your trusted local shop and check them out! Some even have anti-glare features.

To protect other gadgets, it is best that you place them in a sturdy bag. A good quality back pack will never go wrong and you can put as many gadgets as you want! Just get yourself a bag and you are good to go! If you don’t want to bring a bulky bag then invest in some protective cases for your gadgets which I’m pretty sure it comes with the product after purchase.

If you plan to go to a party where drinks are being showered then buy some waterproof cases for the gadget you plan to bring. No one wants a camera bathed in beer. Get yourself and umbrella too! When it rains either naturally or alcoholically, you can keep you and your gadgets dry. It is also useful when the sun is really tough!

Last thing you can do is that, if you are not too sure about the safety of your gadgets then better not bring anything at all! Better safe than sorry.

You don’t have to spend so much to keep your gadgets protected. Just be wise and practical and you have everything solved! ‘Till the next Geek Chic!

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