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This is the pocket Wi-Fi most people could count on.

Compared to the rest of the pocket Wi-Fi available on the market, the ZTE MF90 showed great features- it is now an LTE modem as well. The router can support up to 10 devices simultaneously and its removable 2300mAh battery will last for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

Being an LTE device, its performance is good; given that you are in the right place. Sometimes it will work really great in a location, but will perform poorly on the other. If you plan to use one at home, be sure to check your area if it has LTE signals or else it would not work.

The device is about P5,000 above depending on where you buy it. I would recommend this to people who move around a lot- just make sure you are in an LTE-capable area.

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