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The Raiden is a speaker made by Dragon War and is best known by its quality.

I have had this speaker for over 3 years now and it showed no signs of ageing. The audio quality is really good considering its size. Although this speaker is made for gaming, it doesn’t mean it is only for games. I also enjoy using this speaker for movies and music.

The position of the speakers is studied to offer an omni-directional sound. This means that the sound will be evenly spread throughout your room.

 With a very reasonable prize, the Raiden Gaming speakers will give you more than what you have asked for. This is recommended to people who enjoy powerful speakers with sizes and weight that wouldn’t give many hassles.


Product Code: SP-015G (Black)

Frequency Response: 91Hz – 20Hz

Output Power: 4.8W + 4.8W

Power Supply: DC 5V or USB 5V

Sensitivity: 60mV


Build in 3D game mode sound card decoder

8 channel speaker units

USB power supply

Dimension: W68 x D90 x H200 mm

Weight: 1.1 kg

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