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I have seen and tried my share of gaming mice however, the simplest one won my heart. 

Unless you are a hard core PC gamer, the Razer Abyssus has everything you need. Let’s start with its physical aspects: It isn’t too bulky- this mouse is actually lightweight and has the perfect size and shape for the hand. It Is Ambidextrous- It doesn’t matter if you are left handed or right-handed; this mouse is in a “neutral” shape which fits comfortably to whatever hand you are using.

Before, I wasn’t too sensitive on the differences of gaming mice and ordinary mice- it took me a year of use to notice the difference. The Razer Abyssus isn’t too stressful for the fingers. The clicks feel flawless which is a good thing of you are a gamer and for the non-gamers, this mouse is good when you use the PC for long hours.

Is It Worth The Price?

I bought mine for more or less a thousand pesos and I would say it is worth it because whenever I play PC games, I am usually unsatisfied with the ordinary mouse. The Razer Abyssus is the best mouse you can get if you want something better than an ordinary mouse. I recommend this mouse to people who spend a lot of time on the PC (work or school) who also happens to be a moderate PC gamer. I’m not saying that this mouse cannot do the job for heavy PC gamers; it just lacks the short cut buttons which may be a turn off to some.

I wouldn’t recommend this mouse to people who aren’t into PC games- seriously, you are better off with an ordinary mouse.

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