How to Survive a Buffet

It's a delicious jungle out there!

Cebu is home to many lunch and dinner buffets. Whether you like to dine at popular restaurants or 5-star hotels, you'll always come across a buffet that suits your taste and budget. It's a chance to splurge every once in awhile but there's a tendency to not get your money's worth if you'll get full before tasting the majority of what a spread has to offer. I mean, that's the point of a buffet, right?

I've been to several (obviously) so dig into some of my tips on how to survive a sinful food trip next time around:

Go on a tour before you attack!
Browsing each selection can make you feel less overwhelmed and can help you sort out which dishes you'd like to try. I'd say go for something you don't usually order on a daily basis, especially when you're going to a high-end restaurant.

Try food you don't usually order.
You love some paella or peking duck but how about trying other dishes you don't usually order? You'll be surprised to find your next favorites if you try something else.

Go for bite-sized portions at a time.
Especially when a buffet spread has different cuisines, the situation calls for tasting the rainbow! But you can't enjoy Chinese if you've been eating three servings of beef kebabs, now could you?

Avoid sodas and sweet drinks- go for water!
Sweet beverages ruin your appetite. Take a sip only after your meal...that is, if you can stomach a sweet drink afterwards.

Avoid carbs if you can.
Personally, I avoid rice and pasta when I go to a buffet. But who could say no to the pasta station? Again, get a small serving at a time if you wish- but only in the later part of your dining experience.

Chew slowly!
In general, eating fast makes you overeat. Why not take a few minutes before going on to a second round of food? You'll be surprised at how full you actually are if you stop for a few minutes in between.

Try walking in between.
If you plan to stay longer especially when there's dessert, walk for a few moments in between plates. It promotes digestion and eases a heavy stomach.

Take note of these tips and try them the next time you're going to that much-awaited food trip! Don't forget to sip some tea afterwards and walk for a few minutes after your meal.

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