Foods That's Good On Your Face

They say beauty is pain, but sometimes beauty can be delicious! Make the most out of what you have in your pantry with these proven foods that can lend you a brighter and youthful glow:


Foods You Can Put On Your Face

Avocados contain Vitamin E, which is a popular ingredient in the skincare world. Simply mas a slice and slather on your face. Wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off and fight temptation to lick it all off!

Egg Whites

Foods You Can Put On Your Face 2

If you've noticed recent Korean skin care trends, there are egg facial washes and masks. And for a good reason! If you apply egg white on your face, your skin will become more firm and your pores will tighten. Let the egg white dry on your face for a few minutes then wash off with cold water.


Foods You Can Put On Your Face 3

Strawberries have been known to be an antioxidant and exfoliant. It controls oil too! Mash at least two strawberries and place on your face for a few minutes. Then massage your whole face for 2-3 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Bananas and Honey

Foods You Can Put On Your Face 4

Honey has antibacterial and moisturizing properties while bananas exfoliate and brighten your complexion. Mash a banana and mix in a tablespoon of honey. Repeat the process mentioned for strawberries.

Brown Sugar and Olive Oil

Foods You Can Put On Your Face 5

Brown sugar is a popular natural exfoliant and the benefits of olive oil are far too many so it needs no introduction at this point. You can use a mixture of these two as a face, lip and body scrub. You can even add some honey too for an antibacterial scrub!