Look What You Made Me Do songfacts

This week on Y101’s Weekly Top 20, the song Hoodie by the American pop band Hey Violet finally made it to the number one spot. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s infamous Look What You Made Me Do debuts. That song samples the catchy hook of the 1992 hit I’m Too Sexy. But that’s not the only song from the previous century that made into the charts. Rod Stewart’s 1978 disco hit Da Ya Think I’m Sexy also managed to come back this year. The remix with DNCE debuts on the charts. Check out fun facts about these songs below.


Uh Huh by Julia Michaels

  • Uh Huh is Julia Michaels new single;  a lo-fi, floor-thumping anthem. The song is a battle between head and heart, as Michaels' fiery feelings for her new man overpower her rational desire to take it slow.
  • Uh Huh was released on June 2, 2017 and is the second track of the singer-songwriter’s mini-album, Nervous System.


Da Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart feat. DNCE 

  • Da Ya Think I’m Sexy is a 2017 remix of Rod Stewart’s classic 1978 disco hit of the same name. The 2017 version features guest vocals and instruments from Joe Jonas’ retro pop band DNCE.
  • According to the co-writer of Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, the song is “a spoof on guys from the 'cocaine lounge lizards' of the disco days in the 1970’s. Rod Stewart said the song isn’t about him and it’s basically a “story of a guy meeting a chick in a club”.

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

  • Look What You Made Me Do is a dark dance-pop song from Taylor Swift. She sings about taking karma and revenge on several unnamed adversaries. Possible names that she could be addressing include Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, and Katy Perry.
  • The song's hook follows the rhythmic pattern of Right Said Fred's early 90s hit "I'm Too Sexy." So much so that Swift saw the need to credit the songwriters of that track, Fred Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass and Rob Manzoli.

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Hoodie by Hey Violet

  • According to Genius, Hoodie is a song written from the point of view of somebody who has recently broken up with a partner. Even though the relationship has ended, they have kept the hoodie because it reminds them of their ex.
  • Last June, singer-songwriter of Hey Violet, Rena, went on Facebook Live. There she revealed that she didn’t  actually wrote the song. She explained that the song wasn’t from her perspective and that it was somebody else’s love story.

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