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Plus the meaning of Green Day’s new song, Still Breathing; Zedd’s unlikely new influence, and Camila Cabello’s retro tease. Those and more on this week’s WT20FACTS.

This week on the Weekend Top 20, Liam Payne, of One Direction fame, has finally reached the top of the charts with his new song Strip that Down, co-written by the band’s old pal, Ed Sheeran. It was already obvious that Strip that Down was written by no other than Sheeran because of how the melody sounds. However, not too many have noticed that the song sounds similar to Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me.  Continue reading below and see what I mean.

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“Get Low” by Zedd ft. Liam Payne

  • “Get Low” is the first collaboration between producer Zedd and singer Liam Payne. Zedd said that he was “super excited” to release this song for the first time earlier this month and that he thinks it’s the “definition of a summer song to [him] personally”.
  • Zedd said that Get Low has this “urban-ish sound” that is influenced by the music of Drake. He also said that the song has “a good balance between where Liam Payne is going with his solo project and where he’s going with own music”.


“Another Love Song” by Ne-Yo

  • Another Love Song” is the first lead single from Ne-Yo’s upcoming 4th album, Good Man, scheduled for release in October. The song is described to be a “an up-tempo upbeat jam song which combines elements of dance and funk”. And the album will reportedly “feature funky feel-good tracks inspired by Michael Jackson”.
  • "Another Love Song" was released on May 30 to coincide with the premiere of “World of Dance”, a new dancing competition show where Ne-Yo is a judge.

“Still Breathing” by Green Day

  • Still Breathing” is the 3rd single Green Day released for the lead-up to their 2016 album, Revolution Radio. The song is described to be an anthem of strength and courage.
  • In an interview with Rolling Stones, Billy Joe Armstrong was asked if his personal life contributed to the themes of “Still Breathing.” Armstrong responded vaguely by saying the “best part of Still Breathing is when people recognize themselves in it”. Coincidentally, the song was released on the 4th anniversary of “The iHeartRadio Incident,” which was the event that led to Armstrong going to rehab.

Gossip: - Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is geared up to release her upcoming solo album set for release this September. To hype it out, the former Fifth Harmony singer posted a teaser earlier this week; a movie trailer-like coming attraction for the single "Havana" featuring Young Thug. The 19-second sneak peek features a drive-in movie as seen through the windshield of a car. Cabello and Young Thug’s names then flash on the big screen over a scratchy, silent movie-like soundtrack.

#1 “Strip that Down” by Liam Payne ft. Quavo

  • Liam Payne co-wrote the song with Ed Sheeran. The red-headed singer-songwriter has previously penned several songs for One Direction, including the tracks "Little Things", "Over Again" and “18”.
  • Part of the song is based on an interpolation of Shaggy's 2001 chart-topping hit, “It Wasn't Me." The melody of Strip that Down’s pre-chorus, which references One Direction in the lyrics, mirrors the melody on the bridge of "It Wasn't Me."

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