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XXXTentacion was a hip-hop artist that emerged from Soundcloud and gained mainstream popularity starting in 2016. His famous hits include the tracks ”Sad!” and “Look at Me!”. The rapper became a controversial figure in the mumblerap scene after he allegedly beat up his then pregnant girlfriend and left her blind in one eye.

In the morning of June 18, 2018, after leaving a motorcycle dealership, the rapper was found dead with a gunshot wound inside his car. The local Sheriff’s office confirmed his death. However, there have been many conspiracy theories circulating online that claims that XXXTentacion faked his own death.

A viral Twitter thread shared some intriguing points that saw XXXTentacion had created a publicity stunt in the past, in which he appeared to fake his own suicide then revealing that it was for a subsequent music video.

Twitter user @vasinvain, suggests the rapper could have either faked his own death due to “the amount of conspiracy in his life along with the overwhelming fame” or to promote a new single.

Check out the thread below.