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It hasn’t been long since the most powerful actor in Hollywood Will Smith joined the social media application Instagram. Willard Carroll Smith Jr., his true name, was born and raised in West Philadelphia that started as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince and then starred a TV series in the 90’s.

He officially introduced himself in Instagram when he was in the Ellen DeGeneres Show last year and continued exploring it on his later posts. He created this personal account last December 2017 with a username @willsmith, which has already gained around 17.3 million followers.  

The content of the actor’s ‘gram has been showing a lot his side as a comedian, rapper, songwriter, producer and an actor as shown in his photo and video posts. He proved that he’s not too late for being a social media person and shows the people all around the world how to live his life to the fullest.

As Instagram updated a new feature that can make stories and can be highlighted in your account, the 49-year-old actor used this as a way to share his thought about some important matters or his life advises to inspire other people especially his followers. Some of the highlighted stories in his account are about Self-Love, Discipline, Happiness, Fault, and Failure.

His account also expresses his great love for his family. As a husband, Will has been ever supportive and affectionate to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. While to his children Trey, Jaden and Willow, it shows that their father is the best man of their lives, in which Will never forgets to bond with them from time to time even with the hectic schedules that he and his children have.

Will has been breaking the Instagram standard in most of his posts like showing his epic adventures, sharing what family goals really is, following trends and be the trend, his finest throwbacks, the overwhelming hidden talents he have, and all the charm he still got up until now. Aside from all of that, Will Smith genuinely supports good causes believing that he could be a big help in influencing many people and soon can make a change. Some of these causes are about nature, health and the gun control in America.

With the 7 months old account, Will Smith has taken this social media platform to new level, it’s like you’re watching a reality TV series. And while there are more Instagram celebrity accounts around the corner that will make you wish to have a luxurious life and the freedom like them, you can only point out some who can showcase real entertainment and is follow worthy.