Red Velvet to perform in North Korea.Image Source:

South Korea has recently hosted several North Korean performers during last month’s Winter Olympics. Now, North Korea seems to be paying back the favor by inviting South Korean artists to perform at the notoriously exclusive country across the border.

Reuters reported that a few Korean Pop artists such as the group Red Velvet and singers Cho Yong-Pil and Lee Sun-hee are set to perform in North Korea some time in the near future. This news comes after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has shown interest in improving ties between the two countries.

In a delegation talk with South Korean singer and producer Soon Sang, he explained that “While we’re on the stage, I believe it will be difficult to portray personal feelings towards denuclearization. Our first task will be to instil the same awe in North Korean audiences as we do our South Korean ones, and make sure nothing is awkward.

Check out this music video by Red Velvet.