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There are a lot of fun activities you can do on Easter Sunday, the day Jesus came back from the dead.

Easter Sunday can mean two things to different cultures. The first one is associated with the Easter bunny, colorfully decorated Easter eggs, and Easter egg hunts. The second one, refers to Jesus’ resurrection.

The ancient Roman Catholic Church mixed the celebration of Jesus' resurrection with celebrations that involved spring fertility rituals. These spring fertility rituals are the source of the egg and bunny traditions.

But we can still celebrate both. As the Holy Week has come to an end, we can finally have fun with the family and celebrate both traditions. And there a few things we can do to celebrate those especially here in Cebu.

Witness the Sugat Kabanhawan.

The Sugat (literally “the greet”) is a tradition here in Cebu where hundred flock at dawn to Minglanilla and watch the well-renowned Sugat sa Kabanhawn. Translated to “Greet the Resurrection”, the Sugat sa Kabanhawan is a traditional presentation that showcases the crucifixion and rising of Jesus Christ.

Go to the beach with the family.

It has also been a tradition by lots of Cebuano families to spend the Easter on a nearby beach resort or swimming pool. Doing so could be a great way to celebrate the rising of Christ and the finale of the Lenten Season with the people you love.

Participate in Easter events in the city

There are a lot of Easter activities in the local malls and hotels. There are Easter egg hunts, egg decorations, and other fun stuff. You can check Y101’s on the pulse section to see which establishments are throwing an Easter Day activity.

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