This article was originally published in 2016.

While everyone else is still hungover from the holidays, Cebu is still getting ready for another festivity. The Sinulog Festival happens every third Sunday of January so this year's festival will fall on the 17th. However, all the merriment doesn't happen on one day alone as this calls for a weekend filled with fun events to go to and things to do.

Merchandise Extravaganza


Different brands come up with their own collections and designs and I'm sure you have a friend that decides to make some extra bucks off selling their very own shirts. Store owners around Cebu also make extra effort to redesign their visual merchandising according to the festivity. This is also a good time to avail different delicacies especially when you're a tourist that wants to partake different selections that sellers have to offer. On the day itself, expect tons of streetfood and henna artists waiting to adorn you with designs of your choice.

Contests and Cultural Shows


Sinulog is also synonymous to bright and extravagant costumes and an extensive showcase of local talent. Talent shows and presentations by government entities are shown here and there and photography contests are also hosted. A good place to go to starting today is the Fuente Osmena Circle as the Sinulog Foundation hosts shows almost every evening. This is a chance for both locals and tourists the traditions and cultural heritage of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. The Sinulog season also means the coronation for this year's Ms Cebu. Did we also mention the annual fireworks competition? Although it has always been held at the SM City Cebu, maybe they'll host it at the newly-opened SM Seaside this year. On the day itself, the annual parade of dancers from different districts will dance and march to the Abellana Sports Complex to showcase their tribute to Sr. Santo Niño for this year.

Concerts and Parties


Local artists and bands are set to perform during different shows and music festivals this year and organizers already have their outdoor parties planned. Although news circulating of street parties being banned, you still get to enjoy as annual parties are to be held at spacious outdoor areas. This is also a chance to meet and party with your favorite celebrities too as they travel every year to Cebu to experience the festivity. Note that liquor and cigarettes are sky-high in prices during this season so better drink at home with friends and buy your own pack before heading out to party. But please, do party responsibly and make sure to establish a meeting area with your friends in case any of you get lost.

Friendly Faces


Aside from celebrating the blessings given to us by Sr. Santo Niño, this season is also a time to make friends with everyone. This is the time to spread love and positivity to every person you run into and meet. So don't take it personally when people bump and squeeze their way through- it gets hella crowded out there but gets hella fun too!

Always keep in mind the main reason why we're celebrating and make sure to be respectful and responsible during the festivity. Pit Senyor!