outfitsImage Source: borgiechanxxx

Some may see Sinulog as a chance to dress up and show their skin, while some may grab the opportunity to be fashionistas and tear their shirts and show more skin.

Is there some kind of dress code for Sinulog? I don’t think so. If you are comfortable then that’s it. Sinulog is a messy thing- crowded places, long walks, face paints, sweat, stray beer spilling, and chaos (in a fun way). What I am trying to say is that if you want to survive all of this, you have to dress comfortably.  Here is a simple guide of how to dress for Sinulog:

1. Wear light clothing

The place is going to be overcrowded and as usual, really hot so it pays to wear something light and “breezy”. You don’t want a heat stroke.

2. Wear comfortable sneakers

If you plan to walk all day long then do not wear slippers. It might break. Sneakers are also good for keeping your feet clean and protecting it from injury.

3. Wear sunglasses

Protect your eyes from squinting and save yourself from the wrinkles!

4. Don’t show too much skin

This is up to you actually. We all know Sinulog means lots and lots of people and we don’t know all of them or how they might react to someone showing so much skin.  A stare from a stranger might cause trouble.

It is up to you if you plan to tear your clothes up and sport a ragged festival guy/girl look, or dress up in a gown or whatever that is. As long as you’re happy! But for the ones who want to feel comfortable, feel free to follow the tips! 

Originally Published: January 2015