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Most of us in the city usually enjoy pools with high slides and yes, all of them are manmade.

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Among the caves we know, the Ubong Caves are somehow underrated that is why I am writing about them.

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If you are in Davao City, Madjid’s Persian Kabab is definitely a must-try.

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The beautiful island of Camiguin is located in the Bohol Sea.

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Have you heard of this before?

If you want the ultimate island hopping experience, then you have to head to the beautiful Palawan. 

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There is nothing as delicious as Mama’s cooking.

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Palawan has been known for its beaches and amazing sceneries; it may seem like a common thing but trust me, Palawan is different compared to what you have seen.

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Although some people have never been there, the pictures they see and the stories they hear from close friends are enough to convince people to live there soon.

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There is nothing much better than just running away from the city and being one with nature.

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The feast is not exclusive to Cebu; many places all over the Philippines celebrate it too! Here are some: 

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The Pulangbato Falls is a very unique sight.

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If your hunger comes with an adventure then head to Ziggurat Cuisine!